[rules of the giveaway are quite simple so here we go:

you must be following me (senpaibowie)

likes dont count sry

reblog as many times as u like :)

no giveaway blogs sry they wont be counted]


hey remember that time I did a super cool classic rock giveaway…

omg de ja vu or what???

senpaibowie's superrad rock n roll giveaway 2.0

i reached my follower goal finally which is really rad and if it weren’t for you guys then my blog would be rubbish so i wanna thank you again! (plus i need a clearout lmao) no, but, this is for my followers. thing is that (as you all know) i’ve had a terrible few months and my followers have been way too nice to me, like overly wonderful and so this is a thank you - to everybody that has been there for the past two or three months, sent me messages, replied to my posts, given me advice, told me i’m cute, told me i’m important and everything in between. if it wasn’t for you i’d not be as healthy as i am now. so, honestly, thank you. i feel i never deserved this level of niceness! 

so. i hear you cry:

HEY hope what will we get if we win ?????

good question!

you will win the following:

1. my beloved classic rock patch rucksack which is honestly one of my favourite things but i need to cleanse myself and this is an old thing of mine, something i don’t need anymore to remind me of my “old” life. its really great and i love is so much so take care of it plez!!!

2. my homemade AM denim jacket! which is probably the coolest piece of clothing i own, but i never wear it. and someone out there would appreciate it much more i’m betting :) (maybe if ur going to leeds fest?? u could impress all the other monkeys, who knows idk)

3. any three of the shown beatles records i can’t afford to send more than three so you get to choose!! (also let it be is missing im so sorry idk where it is) i dont rly care much for the beatles anymore so its best they go to someone who actually cares! ok good

4. a zoso necklace i got this as a present but i already had one! (typical ryt) so someone else can have it. yay

5. radiohead, guns n roses, and david bowie heroes tour shirts! which are cool except i dont need them anymore i have way too many clothes and i need to discard of some because i’m leaving home soon so they need 2 go

ok so i think thats it. i hope this is exciting enough for y’all! i’m excited anyway!!!

i hope thats all cool w you guys and is pretty clear !!

oh and all this shindig ends on the 10th of april. omg good luck tho :D

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